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MGT506 - Strategic Leadership, Mod 2 SLP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

MGT506 - Strategic Leadership, Mod 2 SLP - Essay Example According to the definition, open systems elaborate an organizational model that allows the organization to interact with the society i.e. take necessary input and deliver outputs. Considering that factor, open social systems and organizations have a tendency to adapt to social changes according to feedback provided and makes required changes internally. Hence, open system of an organization is a live mechanism that is continuously evolving and showing changes in its structure and behavior. In contrast with an open system, closed system shows a deterministic approach. This system operates in the absence of feedback loop that is detached from external factor. It can be said that closed systems allow its components to remain within the sphere of their identity that shows a constant character. In the light of these doctrines, it can be established that language and society are closed mechanisms that only shows slow alterations only when the system needs external information and shows gr adual changes over decades and sometimes centuries. Similarly, external discharge of information is also selected and limited (Katz & Kahn, 1966). It has been observed that Martin Luther King was a transformational leader who used pathos, ethos and symbols for influencing his followers. It can be observed that MLK has emerged as the leader of African Americans due to consistency in his behavior and lack of adherence to requirements of other social forces. This astute and consistent behavior makes him a follower of closed system regime. These demands had a concrete background based on bias shown towards Blacks by American society that spreads on the span of centuries. Basing his requirements on the discriminated behavior, he demanded equal rights for African Americans from the beginning and did not alter his requirements in response to other social factors. Requirement was only one which entails that African Americans citizens must have equal legal and ethical status as the white one s (Luther, 1963). On the basis of this stature, he managed to illustrate a behavior of constant struggle and fundamentality in his principles. With the help of this consistency in overall behavior, he managed to attract and retain millions of Blacks as his followers which ended up brining revolution in American society and legislation. In comparison with MLK, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a follower of open-system ideology. Jinnah himself was a learned barrister who had spent most of his life in England. He was a follower of a belief that Muslims and Hindus in subcontinent should live together. However, after spending considerable time in All India Congress, he observed the bias against Muslims that made him lay down the foundation of Muslim League in Subcontinent, the only Muslim party that legalized the initiatives for separate country for Muslims (Wolpert, 2005). Where Jinnah initially worked on transforming the legal and ethical status of Muslims in subcontinent like MLK, his percepti on changed over time on the basis of events that lead him to believe that Muslims need to have a separate homeland for earning a right of respectful living. Therefore, after late 1920s, the direction of

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